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Default 'golfers elbow' returns

Ok, here is the background. I am around a 5.0; back to being just a part time pro as of the last couple of months. Basically I teach about 2 to 3 hours a day and have 'hitting lessons' essentially 7 days a week. I have had flare ups with tendonitis in the elbow a few times previously, but it always eventually goes away. The latest flare up is interesting. For the past couple of years I used the BLX Six One Team; full polly. Have not had any noticeable arm problems. My frames were getting pretty beat up, so I went back to K Factor six one 95 team that i had sold to one of my students and then got back from him. He had lead taped the frames, and since I had been told I should probably be using a heavier frame, I kept the tape on and have been very pleased with the results... feel as if I'm hitting a heavier ball, etc.

However, almost instantly, my arm inner elblow (some pain on the outer side as well) started hurting. The pain on the FH side the first few balls is very instense, but lessens and basically goes away once I get warmed up.

My main question is; would the K Factor with lead tape be more likely to cause arm pain vs. the BLX w/o tape? I thought the frames were fairly similar to begin with. I guess the pain could just be a coencidence, but the timing of it seems pretty suspicious.
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