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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
yes some free shots but at the expense of others that will cost her. fact is she hits flat and open pattern for flat hitters is not so welcome let alone an extreme open pattern. Directional control is compromised with flat hitters using an extreme open pattern. She can use 15g string to somewhat make the stringbed more dense but then she will add weight to the frame and make it more head heavy. Ga said she likes 18g mains, she will have issues with directional control hitting flat. So maybe she will be forced to hit more tops to have more accuracy on her shots.
This the direction I was thinking. Good post. Flat hitters benefit more from a dense pattern, i.e. 18x20 mains.

I see a couple of choices here. 1. Help her swing path improve more from low to high. 2. Go with an 18x20 main pattern and help her be the best flat ball hitter she can be.

The majority of girls are flat ball strikers, not topspiners. Not saying spin can not be improved and implemented, just that girls tend to hit flatter and be a little more linear than the boys.
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