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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
I think the basic technique is very very important. Rafa's advice and the Feel Tennis site show how dynamic some shots are and yes, each shot is different. You may use a normal follow-thru by your opposite shoulder, you may use a reverse follow-thru, contact may be early or late, you may have weight on L or R foot, open or closed stance.

But, my theory is if you learn good technique for a moderate topspin rally ball, it is the basis for almost all the topspin shots you will hit. Also, good slice technique will become the basis for all your slice shots.

So, I think almost all tennis shots no matter how dynamic the situation benefit from good basic technique. Yes, there are loads of adjustments but the adjusted stroke is a close cousin of the basic stroke and not a new thing.

Just my opinion but interested if others agree or disagree.
That is 100% correct.
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