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Originally Posted by Wilander Fan View Post
Actually, I think this is actually specific to the Fed BH. Johnny Mac, Edberg and Lendl could punish the BH return because they tended to volley alot more from the BH side and BH volleys used to be more blocky than slice. Mac could really block his BH return with some pace. OTOH, Fed almost always slices his BH volleys. I dont recall ever seeing him hit drive volleys on the BH side.
I think that Mac, Edberg, and Lendl could punish returns because serves weren't as big and had less spin. The Balls Fed (and all the other players are seeing) are faster and move much up and down and side to side.

I think the 1hbh return is tricky because you have to get completely turned with the right shoulder in front and you need to '****' your wrist back to hit a bigger backhand return with 1hbh as opposed to 2hbh where the right and left wrist can stay firm. The serves are coming so fast there is not enough time to do either of the things above that are necessary to punish a 1hbh. While the 3 guys above didn't '****' the wrist back like players today they could at least get turned and have their right shoulder in front.
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