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Hmm, well I figured out how to view my women's bracket. Checked the standings first while not being logged in. For some reason it would never let me switch from the mens bracket to the womens...

Anyway, after switching to the women's bracket, I still couldn't view my picks and my password wasn't working. Did the forgot password thing and got some number string. It worked, and now I can see my picks again.

It's hilarious how much the one part of the draw is in shambles. I thought my Pavly QF pick was gonna be money after Errani got knocked but they both ended up losing. I've also got Sloane Stephens and Goerges in the QF.

Here's the breakdown for a Fundrazer victory. Two people ahead of me have the same SF and Final winners. For me to win the women's bracket, I need those picks to go correctly, but I also needed Wozi to lose now preferably, Goerge to beat Li Na, and Sloane Stephens to get to the QF. Not sure about the first two, but the 3rd I think is a given. That alone will likely not be enough for me to win though.
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