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^^^. This is another big issue I have with the "it's the parent's fault" and the "widespread jr. cheaters" crowd. It all comes down to a handful of folks here saying they "saw it with their own eyes".

I'll say I've been to many of the very high level junior tournaments and seen widespread generous line calling. Literally attended hundreds of matches. I've seen many kids playing balls that should have been out as in, good sportsmanship, etc. Over and over I see this. Do I see what I think is a bad call every now and then, yes. But its so isolated. Are juniors more competitive than many adults, yes. But they are naturally immature, learning their way and don't see the bigger picture yet. They will with the help of parenting, coaching and age. All this doesn't mean kids are inherently cheaters, it's the parents fault and they are being coached to cheat as many are assuming. These thoughts are just absured.

Overall, I just pick up on sour grapes and lack of coaching on how to handle bad line calls in the right way.
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