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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
Thanks Anton. I've been meaning to try out the Ezone XI 98 for quite some time now. The one observation you made that its easier to swing is key. when i'm on the run and really stretched with the Pro 1 i can't whip it as quickly as i'd like consistently. i've noticed this more playing more advanced players this past fall season. what worries me about the yonex is that I played with the RQ-380 back in the day and didn't get used to the head shape. The reviews of the Ezone XI 98, Yonex's reputation for building quality, very near to spec frames and the specs are enough to give it a go though. I'll probably demo and hit it side by side with my P1. Now if only they dropped the price since they've got the new version I'd really be in trouble!
Yep Ezone should be better defensively because of overall better strigbed stability and quicker swing. In the pro one, without some weighting, ball would die if hit outside the low sweet spot.
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