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Originally Posted by topsltennis View Post
Good points... tennis is now only partially paying the bills, as my latest gig, my employer could no longer pay my salary, so I'm only getting lesson revenue- office job during the day, tennis in the late anoon, evening.

I'm not sure what to think about the fact that the pain does decrease once I warm up, doesn't go away completey- particularly if I catch a ball late. But the pain on warmup which is usually just mini tennis or feeding balls is pretty damn bad. I had just always heard that a heavier frame was better for your arm.
As a former GE sufferer, I'd say you are just in the early stages of it. Ditch the new racket and go back to your old one (or a softer one) and put some natural gut in it or a soft multifilament:

Put a heating pad on that area before you go out to hit. That will get you warmed up quicker and lessen that initial pain. Consider buying a theraband flexbar to strengthen the area with the reverse tyler twist.
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