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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Ditch the poly strings if you are a 3.0. You don't need them and it will be easier to learn with syn gut.

Syn gut is the best string to get good at tennis with. It is cheap and honest.

Keep playing the guy who beats you. I keep playing guys who beat me, and find that I can now beat them sometimes where in the beginning I would never win.
Poly is good for players who can't keep the ball in play. Soft, powerful syn gut strings strung at the low end of a tension range is a recipe for a 3.0 to hit the ball long quite often. Instead, if they used a stiff string, low powered poly, with greater access to spin, it will be much easier for them to keep the ball in play.

IMO, the one and only goal in tennis is to keep the ball in play. If you can't hit it within the lines of the court, you can't win. It doesn't matter if you hit with a ton of TS, or if you have 65 mph groundies if they don't land within the court.
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