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I've never taken to his on-court interviews, but I really enjoyed his post-match analysis at last year's French Open for ITV. I suspect I'd like his commentary. I was always a fan of Peter Fleming as well, who I think has a similar, laconic style. Plus the Goodall-Koenig double-act, naturally.

I've always felt the golden rule of tennis commentary is "less is more". So for all you posters moaning about whoever makes you claw at your ears with their incessant blabbing, I give you a taste of the late Dan Maskell:

That link is to an Evert vs Mandlikova match at Wimbledon from 1986, and it's 30-30 before he says anything. Anything at all. Not a word for the first three points. Think Pam Shriver or Patrick McEnroe could manage that?

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