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Default Got to hit with Wilander and also Q and A

He still hits a very clean ball. He doesn’t hit out much but when he does he can really rip it. His average ball has a lot of spin and is hit with a lot of depth but isn’t very heavy compared to a lot of guys. When he rips it his ball does have a lot of topspin that dips very quickly and explodes off the ground. His slice backhand has good penetration. Most of his rally shots had a huge clearance over the net. He has great control and placement on his balls. His volleys are solid. He still appears to glide around the court and still has such great footwork and balance. What made him so great was his anticipation. I saw first hand how awesome his anticipation still is. Bare in mind I have no doubt that he was holding back on me. I’m a lower end 5.0 player, and let me tell you, if we played a set I would be lucky if I got a game. I may get a few points if I serve well but if he tried, getting points would be very difficult. I wouldn’t be able to hit thru him. There’s not a ball that I can give him that would bother him. He would run me around the court till my lungs collapse.

Below are some of the questions that have been debated on this forum that I asked him. His answers are vary interesting and will no doubt led to further heated debates.

Sorry in advance if it's a little long winded and difficult to read. I copied paste it from a word document.

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