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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
The plastic on gamma machines is just a cover over the metal base, so Klippermate really has no advantage in build quality. The main differences with those machines is metal vs composite clamps and ratcheting vs non ratcheting tension mechanism.
No, not only the cover, but isn't the tensioner--that round thing that bites string--also plastic? Also even some metal parts of the Gamma feels plasticky and cheap. Klippermate feels like far more dense, quality metal to me.

I like Klippermate tension mechanism better too. You mentioned ratcheting and non-ratcheting and I don't know which is which, but I feel both Gamma and Klippermate need more or less the same amount of adjustment/readjustment of string when stringing (it is just a matter of how used you are to the machine.) One serious drawback of Gamma is when you over-tension the string--that is when the bar is abve the horizontal position (yeah sometimes it happens); then you have to release the string to tension it again, and it is really a pain to release the string from the tensioner. You'd know what I mean if you had that experience. Klippermate has zero problem with that.

I like Gamma over Klippermate in one thing though which is that you use the hex screw driver both to lock the gliding racquet mounter in position and to hold the weight bar from falling toward the racquet. It is more convenient than Klipper.

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