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Originally Posted by esgee48 View Post
Dunno guys. I would think that Wilson tells Babolat what they want in a natural gut, not Babolat telling Wilson how they will create the natural gut string. If they do read threads like this, then IMO Wilson would probably prefer the old formulation because they know TT people don't like BT7 vs non-BT7. Just my 2 cents.
I would agree with first point, that probably Wilson asks for a certain formulation from Babolat. To the second idea, I agree that IF they do read the forums, certain choices would be made... but most likely the threads on here aren't reaching too deep into either the corporate or professional atmospheres.

If they did, BT7 would have been discontinued a while ago!!
Now, TW is definitely reading the threads because 1 day into this thread and Wilson gut has already raised in price. Coincidence, or..??
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