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He answered these questions (paraphrase):
Create your perfect player (I allowed him to pick himself)
- Forehand: Fed
o Not the biggest but overall the best
- Backhand: Djoker
o Why no Agassi and Connors?
• Because Djoker can do more with the ball from a defensive position. Plus on the run Agassi backhand wasn’t as deadly
- Forehand volley: Edberg
- Backhand volley: Edberg
o Why not Mac?
• Both were great but Edberg was scarier at the net. Edberg was harder to past and got inside your head more because you see his perfect form, crispness of his volleys, etc…. would make you think you had to make the perfect shot to get it past him
- First serve: Isner (might have to go with Sampras because of how clutch Sampras was)
- Second serve: Sampras
- Return of serve: Djoker
o Mention other great returners like Agassi, Connors, Hewitt, etc….
o Fed gets a lot of balls back into play
o Agassi is the best returner when he guesses right but he gives up one side too much and pays the price by getting aced a lot
o Djoker and Murray are a cross between Agassi and Fed
- Court coverage: Djoker
o Not Borg?
• Yeah, I hate to say it
• Borg close second
- Stamina: Borg (he said he might pick himself here)
- Tactical: Himself
- Lobs: forgot to ask him
- Overheads: forgot to ask him
-Caveat: He said it’s really unfair to the past greats. Because of the technology, strings training, etc…. For example, how would Lendl’s forehand or Connors backhand look like with current technology? Same goes with the return of serve. So much easier to return the serve, hit winners, and hit passing shots with current conditions. Only thing the poly strings don’t help in are the volleys. Strings are “horrible for volleys.” Maybe now Borg could be even faster.
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