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Greatest of all time?
- Accomplishment wise you have to go with Fed
- But in truth, you really can’t say who’s the greatest of all time. To many variable; different eras, conditions, competition, grand slams (who played them, importance of them), etc………
- Talent wise from what I saw Laver, ’84 McEnroe, and Fed were the best.
- Sampras was a “nightmare” to play. Possibly the best fast court player ever. Gave his opponents no rhythm.
- Borg’s channel slams ranks up there

The Modern era
- Nadal: He’ll be back. He’s like a racehorse. He’ll run till he breaks down, recuperate and heals, and starts running again. Incredible athlete. I just don’t understand how he can win Rome and Monte Carlo that many times but then go out and do it again. His competitive fire is different then that of the Connors and the Hewitt’s do or die, fight to the death attitude, your opponent is the enemy mentality. Unreal motivation. Like a robot, purpose is to play, compete, and win.
- Djoker: Could and probably will take tennis to another level, if he hasn’t done so already. He’s the worst match up for Nadal. Love to see what he does for the next few years. Court coverage and flexibility is just incredible.
- Murray: Finally getting into the mix. Has a better all court game then both Nadal and Djoker. Has great touch and variety. Very good court sense. Just has to be willing to battle and keep focus.
- Fed: Greatest of all time? Did rack up a lot of his slams during one of the worst top 10 eras. But can’t hold that against him. He can do things no else can. The best reactive player ever. Best to go from defense to offense. Because he’s so talented he doesn’t have to think and plan when he plays.
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