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I HAD this frame, and it was not good! I had a donnay plus 35, which i realize now is probably a 93 to 95 square inch frame, and it is miles better than this frame. With what i know about customization with lead now, I probably could make it a good frame. But, it was a very small head size and not very stable. I think the only thing i could do decent with it was serve. I realize i have been using some form of the red head prestige since then and currently use the head microgel 98(which is actually more of 95 sq. inches). Also, the small pattern was not good for spin production either(again, better strings of today could also correct a lot of this. I ended up selling it to my buddy but then thought i regretted it, got another one used, and then realized all the reasons i didn't like it! haha But, good luck with it, again, maybe with some lead on 9 and 3, or all around the sides of the head(like I do on my microgel, and the stability issues might correct themselves!
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