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Originally Posted by formula16 View Post
So about half a year ago, i finally discovered how to hit a great forehand. There was so much topspin, I felt like i had worked out the kinetic chain properly there was so much effortless power. However, for some reason, I have now lost it for nearly half a year now

I have meddled with my swing so many times trying to fix it but what has happened is now i am so confused with my swing. I dont know where to contact the ball or how to follow through. I feel like i am constantly arming the ball and muscling it. I am putting in so much more effort into hitting each shot but getting so little power compared to before so I think I am arming or muscling or something. Shots don't feel clean of the racquet. When you hit a clean shot with proper kinetic chain, the shot feels clean and pure. I literally havent had that feeling on my forehand side for half a year now. Everytime i contact the ball, it feels muddled and harsh, not crisp and clean. I have no control over where my shots are going and i find they always fly long now rather than into the net.

The forehand was my best shot from day one of tennis and this is literally worse than when i started playing. How did my forehand get so stuffed up! It was absolutely lethal six months ago, the balls were literally kicking up to nearly head height at a great pace with nearly little effort.

Any tips on where to begin to find my forehand again?
Usually when you lose it you need to step away for a few days, a week etc.
It happens to me all the time. Sometimes things just refuse to sync.

The most important thing is the contact and what is happening at that point.
If you're losing control or it doesn't feel right then what is happening is
that your racquet is misaligned at contact. Now there can be uncountable reasons for that but it all boils down to what you look like at the moment of truth. If you filmed yourself and looked at the frame where you make contact you will most likely see that it doesn't look too pretty.

What might help is to do some shadow swinging and just put your racquet out in front of you and hold it there in your 'ideal position' at the contact with wrist slightly laid back etc. Does it look ok? Does it look athletic? Are you balanced? Not cramped or elblow jammed into your torso? Chest just about facing the net? etc etc

Now, while holding your racquet there at the contact point slowly back it up and try to reconstruct how you got to that ideal sweet looking contact 'position'. or how you 'can' get it there during a normal swing. I suspect once you do this you are going to find that your normal 'free' swing does not produce that position you were just holding at contact. You'll be out in front too much, or more likely too late, or the racquet face will be open etc etc. Something will be different. You need to figure out how to move your body and racquet such that at contact it will look exactly how you think it should look.

You might be trying to copy some pro whose swing you like but it's just not suited to your grip or body type and flexibility. It's better to develop your own swing.

Some players have beautiful swings, some have hideous looking swings but still have great control. What they all have in common however is that they all look very very similar when the racquet meets the ball. Figure out how to get to that point in a manner that suits you and is repeateable.
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