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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Went out for a hit last night and brought the TXE with me.

Fantastic feeling frame, felt like a graphite woodie (minus the flex), as in the weight is nicely centered (yoke area) and well balanced. Comes around beautifully on 1hdr's, slice and serve.

The graphite/fiberglass composition is reminiscent of some Volkl frames I've tried but the TXE felt noticeably more firm.

Really a great hit. Makes me want to hunt down a TXP, as it's closer spec-wise to the PresMids I've enjoyed for so long.
Well, the TXP is a Prestige Mid... the first version, actually.

I playtested the TXP extensively when it was introduced in the US in 1986. By comparison with the TXE, it felt harsh and "tinny," and had an annoying "tweet" with each swing (from air whistling through the CAP bumper's slot). I could hit a harder and heavier ball with the TXE - its string pattern was a bit more open.

I've hit with about everything Head has produced from 1983 to today, and the TXE remains my second favorite Head frame, behind the 1988 Elite Pro.

FYI: while TXE grommets and bumpers have been NLA for quite a while, the bumper and grommet from a Graphite Edge 2 or Special Edition Edge are the same exact article, and can be carefully "harvested" from a donor frame to keep a TXE alive.
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