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Bonds even as a 'trim' player (minus any 'roid' speculating) was already HOF bound. For that matter I thought McGuire had an outside shot at the Hall. Had 49 HRs in his rookie year in Oakland (tough ballpark) and imho if he could've just stayed healthy would've broken the 500 HR club with room to spare. Sosa? No way. A good, not great ballplayer with the White Sox, period. Once in Cubby-land? All bets were off...the number spikes in that bandbox are too weird. His sprinting 'schtick' was pretty scripted too...loveable Sammy. Pleezzeee.

I mean, when Brady Anderson, a leadoff hitter suddenly jacks 51 homers, the 'wth?!' skepticism kicks in. Palmairo is another one. Was a very good 15-22 HR contact hitter (played with Will Clark at MS St. in college), but look at how his HRs suddenly went to another (slugger) level.

Post strike...get the fanny's back in the umps to shrink the strike zone....get the non-purist/no-zilch baseball fan who views 10-8 games as "well played" .... in short, cheapen the home run. The 500 Club used to mean automatic. Now? Some posseurs in there.

Again, Bonds would've been HOF anyway.

But for the sake of argument, who's better? Sammy Sosa (608 HRs), whose HR total went up by 30(!) in one year or Frank Robinson (586).

Sammy Sosa couldn't carry Frank Robinson's jock.
Sammy Sosa or Mickey Mantle? LMAO!...maybe now some can understand at least some of the resentment directed at some of the HOF "all-in" sentiment? .... and the blowback from it?
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