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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
Looking at the volleys of the top 10 doesn't make much sense since none of them rely on their volleys to the extent that those players did.

Looking at more recent players who use (or used) a lot of S&V...e.g. Rafter, Sampras, Llodra, Stepanek-- do any of them use a conti grip for the FH? Does anyone?
I am at work and cannot look up all these pros, but I think:

Sampras: EFH, everything else conti
Stepanek: seems to be between EFH and conti on FH, 2 HBH, conti everything else

But, Pat Cash was a great S&V who use a soft EFH shaded a bit toward SW if memory is correct.

Bryan brothers are great S&V players and they use modern grips off the ground.

For anyone learning the game, I would not teach conti FH groundstrokes. My view is soft E to SW on the FH, 1 handed EBH or 2 HBH with conti/EFH combo, and conti for volleys and serves is the new standard. Tennis has always had a lot of exceptions but I doubt we will see a conti FH in the top 10 in singles in the next decade. Even if attacking the net become more popular, I think the model will be like Federer with modern grips off the ground and conti at the net.
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