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Originally Posted by topsltennis View Post
Good points... tennis is now only partially paying the bills, as my latest gig, my employer could no longer pay my salary, so I'm only getting lesson revenue- office job during the day, tennis in the late anoon, evening.

I'm not sure what to think about the fact that the pain does decrease once I warm up, doesn't go away completey- particularly if I catch a ball late. But the pain on warmup which is usually just mini tennis or feeding balls is pretty damn bad. I had just always heard that a heavier frame was better for your arm.
You don't mention your age, but I can tell you what I would do:

1- I would get the most arm friendly set up possible, since I want to be able to play for several more decades, minimum.

2- Since you hit practically 100% FHs (while feeding balls), I would choke up while feeding, I would use a higher racquethead speed and put a high percentage of that energy into spin. In addition I would hit a percentage of feeding balls w/ my BH.

As to your real diagnosis, based on the additional information in your second post, my guess is you have a partially healed GE (from the past). The percentage of your pain that improves is likely not from injury but from scar tissue from prior injury. The percentage that persists or gets worse, is likely the part of the picture that is unhealed GE from before.

I would rest and weight train to get rid of the residual injury, that is until 100% pain free either during and/or after warming up.

After that, pain that goes away with warm up, is not current injury.
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