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Originally Posted by Love Game View Post
Was it a little over a year ago that milos told the story how his coach treated him when he threw an on-court tantrum during some clay court tournament? I remember thinking that the "tantrum" was very minimal and that the coach's reaction was a serious OVERreaction and very mean. That's where I got the idea that his coach was mean to him. Then, when you watch the coach, he always seems to me to have an angry, disapproving look on his face. None of this is chapter and verse. It's nothing but my opinion. I have the impression that milos is unhappy, that he's being used as a trained animal to make as many contracts as possible so his agent and coach coach can take a cut of the money he's bringing in, and that milos is in control of very little in his life and that this makes him unhappy. just the way he hasn't fulfilled his potential as steadily as others of his size and ability have . . . just a hunch, nothing more . . .

I was under the impression he was happy, training in Spain. I thought once he'd transferred his citizenship and started getting Canadian training support that he was feeling much better. (Plus his Tweets always seem cheery.)

I missed this whole thing.
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