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I agree...about the overheads...I never warm them up in singles or doubles. I only take about 3 to 4 volleys at the net in singles and doubles...I hardly come to the net in singles but I come to the net on every point in doubles. If your technique is screwed doesn't matter how many you hit in's going to be screwed up during match play anyway.

QUOTE=dlam;7128952]Playing singles and I notice a few players like to warmup their volley and overheads in addition to backcourt game. Then when we play a match they play a baseline game and hardely play the volley game. Why do you need to warm that up ? I can understand if you play doubles or play serve and volley singles style but shouldn't you be warming up mostly your serves and ground strokes ?
I'm okay with it but we have limited court time and i like to get on with the match and not spend too extra time at warmup[/QUOTE]
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