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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Mikeler, please forgive my laziness to search the thread, but what are your thoughts on Thunderblast? Ever tried a full job with it? I know some like it as a cross with multi mains. How is power compared to multis like NRG and Xcel?
I found a good deal on a reel and wanted so info before taking the plunge. Thanks!
I have links to all my reviews in post #1 of this thread. The new white version of ThunderBlast is softer than the older black version so I like the white version better plus it does not leave black marks all over the balls. The string is a lower powered multi that gets decent spin for a multi. It is great as a cross string for polys as well. I don't like the lack of spin potential of NRG. Xcel is better for me but not enough to justify the price if I had to decide between Xcel and ThunderBlast.

Originally Posted by mrmike View Post
Yes, that will help for sure. I usually string the C10 up at the high limit of 60 for multis, so I was wondering if Dynamite will need to really go as low as -10% as Ashaway recommends. Its interesting since the stiffness number in the 2012 RSI string guide for this string is 168, which is on the low end of the spectrum. Even biphase 16 is listed as 192.
If somebody told me that Dynamite Tough 16 was a soft poly and just handed me the pack of string, the only way I would not believe them is because of that gluey smell.
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