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Originally Posted by formula16 View Post
I have meddled with my swing so many times trying to fix it but what has happened is now i am so confused with my swing. I dont know where to contact the ball or how to follow through. I feel like i am constantly arming the ball and muscling it. I am putting in so much more effort into hitting each shot but getting so little power compared to before so I think I am arming or muscling or something. Shots don't feel clean of the racquet. When you hit a clean shot with proper kinetic chain, the shot feels clean and pure. I literally havent had that feeling on my forehand side for half a year now. Everytime i contact the ball, it feels muddled and harsh, not crisp and clean. I have no control over where my shots are going and i find they always fly long now rather than into the net.
Keep it simple, go back to basics. It sounds like you are trying to do too many things with it. The forehand is a simple motion. Clear your head of all the noise from dissecting it and trying to apply all these little tips. Stop thinking about where your racket is or what your arm/body is going and just focus on the ball. If you are going to change/work on sometihng take it one thing at a time.
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