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I recently came across an old coach that I barely took the time to listen to before. I watched his lessons on the one handed backhand and, unlike most coaches and players, he swings with a straight take back -- and, he hits it clean very clean.

What got to me wasn't so much his lessons, but how it would feel to hit it like him. Funnily enough, despite his age, he's only the second coach I heard advising to prepare the racket with a closed face: that is, before the racket moves forward, get the face closed.

On the forehand, increasingly more people advocate "patting the dog," which is basically getting the racket face closed. Presumably, on the forehand, you supinate your forearm as you swing forward, increasingly opening the racket face... which is easier corrected by closing your face a lot BEFORE swinging and just letting it go. It's the same advice that coach gave, but on the backhand. It somehow became obvious to me that I have been making a crucial mistake all along... and that my moments of success might have been marked by an unusual, though periodic correction of this mistake. I will obviously try this out when I'll get to play tennis. Unfortunately, although I am exited about this prospect, every court is covered with snow and won't open before early April, if I am lucky. (Yes, it drives me nuts)
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