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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
What history are you referring to?
Roche won which majors? And what were his summit achievements?
Compared to Hoad?
I like Hoad's record over other greats because his summit moments are the best ever.
Again, "reached" doesn't do it. It falls a step short of something.
Dan, please stop your ignorance. Don't we want to discuss on a high level?

I never said that Roche is ahead of Hoad in their achievements or their playing strength.

It's doubtful if Hoad's summit moments are the best ever.

Every serious expert does consider a player's top placings apart from his wins (finals reached, SFs reached). It's a huge difference if a player loses in the first round of Wimbledon or if he reaches the tournament's final.Thus you must make great efforts yet to be ranked as a serious expert...
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