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Default the only thing worse than playing a ringer...

is playing one who was ordered to lay down and take a loss.

Very frustrating league match last night. I'm playing against a former all-american from Princeton in the 90's, who I've seen play locally, and he's SOUNDLY defeated all the 4.5's in the area over the past year.

I take the court knowing i'm probably going to lose 1 and 1, but it's an opportunity to really hunker down and focus on playing well and hitting good shots.

Instead, he plays patty-cake, intentionally double faults, intentionally hits overheads into the bottom of the net or into the back fence on the fly, or simple doesn't move to a ball that's a step away.

Then, it's a mix of screaming DTL backhand winners or insane touch drop shots so that I only win in a 3rd set breaker.

I called him out on it after the match and he tries to tell me that he hasn't played in months, but I pull up the USTA app on my phone and he's fresh off a win 7 days ago.
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