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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
Ah..."mentioned" is the operative word here. Without going down the whole Greg Anderson/BALCO trail...I think (m)any of Bonds' achievements post-1999 have to be called into question. Bonds was indeed a 40/40 and, collectively, a 400/400 guy prior to then...certainly by most folks' standard on this way to the HOF but the ridiculous numbers posted afterwards, unfortunately, cloud his prior body of work. The Gold Gloves (which are subjectively awarded) ceased and the all-star and MVP accolades heaped on afterwards mostly because of the HR counts.

Sorry, guys, I still just don't see it. With the Pirates, he was sandwiched in the outfield (and lineup) with Bonilla and Van Slyke and once shuffled out to SF...I truly lost track. Don't get me wrong; there were years (e.g. 1993) he was truly star material...and the "complete" CV (drugged or not), probably worthy of HOF election. But just like Pete, he needs to be benched from that ultimate honor. Cheating with the equipment a la Cobb or Brett or throw the equipment out (maybe even said offender) for that game and move on. How do you throw out the player who injects/alters themselves (AND lies about it)? You keep 'em out of The Hall. Period.

Integrity matters.
but the whole steroid issue is nothing but mentions and suggestions so i could easily say that maybe he never took out of the accidental time.
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