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Originally Posted by TERRASTAR18 View Post
mcgwire broke maris' record-they celebrated and called him paul bunyan.
schmidt used greenies and other drugs.
ty cobb was a racist.
the last two are hall of famers, it kind of spits in the face of mlb/s integrity clause( the reason they won't vote in bonds).

Comparing greenies to the PEDs Clemens, Bonds, McGuire and these other guys used in this era is a joke. Greenies helped get the guys back on the field so a guy capable of hitting 35 HRs could stay on the field and hit those 35 HRs. The PEDs Bonds took turned a guy averaging about 35 HRs a year to where he hit 73 in one season. You dont see a difference? Hell if Schmidt had been using the stuff Bonds and McGuire took, he probably would have hit over 1,000 HRs and theres no telling what Hank Aaron would have ended up with so your whining that these guys are the best ever wouldnt even be in your thoughts.
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