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Originally Posted by ChadW View Post
As someone who is shopping for a new racquet, I'm so frustrated by the commitment of each brand's marketing department to insist that EVERY racquet is the 'perfect combination of power and control.'

How does this help the consumer find a racquet that will actually affect their game?

I want a control-oriented stick, so I search for heavier racquets, but all of them talk about the great power generated from it in the summary blurbs.

Can anyone decipher the summaries, or are they intentionally trying to attract every buyer to every racquet?

**Sorry for the rant!**
What do you expect? No racket maker is going to come out and say, our racket has enough power to put a hole in the court, but you couldn't hit the broad side of the barn with it. All marketing is BS on some level.

So, if you need a starting point, you can check out this TW article on selecting a racket here:

They also have a racket selectors here:

and here:

The TW staff also does review of most of the rackets on the site with reviewers with different levels and tastes, so it may give you a better feel for how they may play or what you may like.

Also, demo, demo, demo and demo some more once you have a small list.

I'd recommend to try to get a feel for what you want in terms of weight, headsize, stiffness, string pattern, balance, and swing weight - do a little online research, then demo, demo, demo.
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