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I didn't want to be too hard on you as you're obviously a psychological and emotional wreck. People like yourself genuinely need help in the same way that people need to be rescued and de-programmed from cults.

Having said that, I still want to kick both you and lance in the nut/s for your blatant, idiotic stupidity.

First of all, the reason lance became ill was because he was abusing PED's. FACT. Do you understand this point? That's why Serena W almost died as well. PED abuse. That's why people's heads grow. That's why clemens can post an era below 2, after the age of 40. Impossible without PED's.

Second, there are MILLIONS of courageous heroic individuals out there who battle disease and illness everyday. Lance is NOT heroic for trying to live. LA is NOT heroic for coming back to the tour and supposedly winning. Those "victories" are purely the result of the superior chemical cocktails.

Third, lance has NO RESUME WHATSOEVER. He has been stripped of all tdf titles. There are no winners in those years he competed and supposedly won. Do you understand this point? I repeat, he has ZERO tour titles. And no one else does either in those years.

Fourth, his "resume" also includes endless blackmailing, threats, intimidation and endless lies. So, yes, I am EXTREMELY proud of the fact that my "resume" does not include these feats.

As I said before, what's left of your shriveled up, putrified ego is now completely attached to lance and to this pseudo-intellectual, fraudulent rationalization that lance is somehow a "hero."

As I said before, I feel sorry for you and I realize that your low self esteem is what's responsible for your lance worship. So pointing out your stupidity is likely going to reduce your self esteem even further, but it's the only hope you've got.

I really do hope you can pull your head out of your a-- someday, even if today is not that day.

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Sure, it was sort of a bait post.

I'd pull the "hypocrite card" with respect to the public reaction to Armstrong (Bonds, Clemens, etc). Meaning, two things. First, the crowds were cheering and the sport was making tons of money off these guys when they were doing their thing. Now, the very same public and guys in the sport are acting as if they are "shocked" that such a thing was happening.

Second, I bet that everyone that is now demonizing Armstrong (Bonds, Clemens, etc) still has "closet roid hero's". Olympics, boxing, tennis, NFL, etc. It's just so simplistic to demonize the "poster boys" and give everyone else a free pass.

As for what Lance accomplished, I certainly wouldn't want to pit my resume against his. Is he perfect.......No. Is he an A-hole........absolutely. But that doesn't negate his accomplishments. You may not like him as a man. I don't either (and never have). But his accomplishments still stand.

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