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Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
I said it's debatable. Do you not know what the word means? Federer had the easier draw to make it to the Semifinal. Djokovic had (arguably) the easier draw to win the title.


First of all, Delpo had better indoor results than Murray (won Basel and Vienna), so it's highly debatable whether at WTF, Murray was a tougher opponent than Delpo (on form). That theory is pretty much invalidated by the fact Fed lost his match vs Delpo (second match he lost to him indoor over a short time) but not vs Murray. Djoko won his matches vs both Murray and Delpo, and there is no indication it would have mattered 1 bit in what order he played them. If Fed can beat opponents only in a certain order, he has a problem for sure. Djoko, on top of having the tougher RR group, had to beat the 6 time champion and title holder to win the title. The most dominant player EVER at WTF. So there is no doubt he did it the hardest possible way. And he did it with panache without losing a match and without losing a set in the final. Class.
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