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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Though most issues can be fixed, the most problematic are the base clamps. It's an old design, and when it wears out it's a PITA to get parts. You are better off getting new clamps. Even the screw type clamp are better in the long run. They do make updated clamps, easier to adjust, but Eagnas does not sell them. Like these:
Question I got an old Eagnas professional Stringer that I got a while ago around 2007.
My major problem is when I'm sliding the clamps up and down the racket the base of the clamps lockup on me. preventing me to move the clamp.
After several tries it loosens up.
I always clean my stringer like 1 a week and put teflon lubricant on the sliders.

Is that what you mean when the base of the clamps wear out?
Is this a problem with most swivel clamps?

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