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Yep, looks to me as though that combo of heft and flex won't put all that much on the ball. I'd also expect the string bed to be slightly less lively in a mid layout that my C10's... and those are sort of mellow.

I tried the Yonex RQiS 1 Tour a while back and that racquet had some similar specs, including the static weight (don't recall the flex rating of the Yonex, but it was rather soft). Only after I put some 3/9 o'clock lead on the Yonex along with a bunch on the handle for the HL balance I prefer did that 95" frame come to life. In its stock layout with syn. gut at mid-range, there was just nothing to it. This O10 mid looks like it will perform a lot like that RQiS 1 out of the box.
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