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This story isn't strange at all anyone who is a gay man can of course understand the lengths one sometimes has to go to hide your homosexuality.

In the real world, plenty of gay men create a fake girlfriend so his coworkers will leave him alone. I can see a young gay college football player doing the same thing.

Even in Hollywood plenty of closeted gay male actors hire a female beard who is usually a close female friend who pretends to be his girlfriend so the media and public leave him alone about their homosexuality.

Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, plenty of men in Hollywood have fake wives and fake girlfriends too.

So many gay men hide their homosexuality because of homophobes. Imagine, being a young man dreaming of competing in the NFL but you are gay, the lockeroom environment is homophobic, and so is the college you are attending is also extremely homophobic and religious.

Te'o probably felt he had no choice but to create a fake girlfriend because he wanted people to leave him alone about his sexuality.

Sexuality and men's sports are often conflated although people pretend this isn't the case. Masculinity is also conflated as well. This guy is young, attractive, I find it hard to believe no women would not be interested in him.

This is why the gay closeted rumour is the only one which makes a lot of sense.

College football is notorious for the homophobia the straight men in sports are very anti gay and would give Manti Te'o a hard time if he did come out of the closet.

Plenty of gay men invent fake girlfriends so people can leave them alone. Seems like this guy created a fake girlfriend so he can concentrate on football and not have to discuss his homosexuality.

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