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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
i know 'you can't argue with success'.. but empirical evidence shows that 'conservatively' is not good enough for his standards (14th rank in 2nd srv return points won, while murray joker and rafa are the top3), and he has been trying to reverse that with Paul A's coaching.

you don't see him being 'conservative' when he gets a 2nd srv on his fh, problem is rafa can serve to his bh the entire match, literally.

could fed have even more success? that's arguable.
Sure but I blame his playing style, not his backhand for how he approaches return games. There have been plenty of good / great returners with one handers. Gasquet destroys second serves with his one hander. A couple years ago he was hitting clean winners on Roddick's serves wish I had a video as a good example.
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