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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
For a wheelchair player 84mph is the absolute max a ball can be hit with no spin (were that possible) based on average contact point heights. With spin theoretically you could increase this to ATP speeds if you could move the racquet fast enough, but realistically the best male servers on tour are serving at around 100mph which requires around 2000rpm to go in from the average contact height.
What I am getting at with the post @leed and you is that are club players benefiting at all from adopting the proper service motion? Though there are several at the 4.0 level and some at the 4.5 level with pretty horrible technique, many of the players do have elements of the standard serve - the conti, the knee bend, the arch, the pause, the swing, some pronation etc. The result is not showing though. Some of the beautiful kick serves which are seen and admired at this level are not effective - the same level opponent can easily return them.

Technique (or attempts and it) and style - but the result? Probably the same as just standing there and swinging at the ball.

Very disappointing.
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