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If you do a search for Eagnas, you will find many threads like this. Although, it seems this thread is consistent with the others.

I think it boils down to how much you string. Are you stringing just for yourself and maybe a few friends? Or, are you planning on being the next Nate Ferguson?

For the casual stringer, I think Eagnas is fine. If you are a pro and will be stringing hundreds of frames, then go with Alpha or Gamma.

I have had several Eagnas machines and the only one I would not recommend is the Hawk 10, their cheapest one. The cam gripper tended to bite strings and the hold down clamps were marginal at best. But, for $89 or whatever I paid for it, not so bad. I upgraded several times and now have a Hawk 800 which is an upright crank with six point mounting and good clamps. I got a great deal on it used and so far, so good.

As mentioned above, the guy that runs the Eagnas warehouse in the LA area is kind of a character. I will say in my limited dealings with him via email, buying a few things here and there, he has been fine. But, he apparently does not suffer fools well and if you make ridiculous requests he will tell you to get lost. Sort of the opposite of someone like Mark at Alpha who is Mr. Customer Service.

If you want a great machine and great customer service ante up the $800 and buy the Alpha Axis Pro upright crank. If you want to save several hundred dollars and plan on stringing only for yourself, you should be okay with an Eagnas.

As far as your clamp problems, it sounds like you have to loosen the nuts on the underside of the turntable. If they are too tight that would interfere with the gliding back and forth. If the rest of the machine is sound, you could send the clamp assemblies to the place in Missouri for a tuneup. Name escapes me, but they have a good rep for servicing stringers. Tennis Machines? They are in the St. Louis area. or, you could buy new base assemblies from Eagnas assuming the clamps themselves are good.

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