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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Does injection molded mean that the racket is "solid" unlike the one today which are hollow inside the carbon fiber tube?
Here are sections cut from the Max 200G to show the internal pillars that you can only have with a Injection Molded Frame.


A real piece of art how Dunlop manufactured these racquets. Here is a layman's explanation of the Injection Molded Process works. First there is a casting of a low melting point alloy core. The alloy core is then put in the injection molding machine. A Compound of GRAPHITE and NYLON is Melted and then injected around the alloy core. Once the graphite and Nylon is cooled the Alloy core is heated up so it melts and then poured out of the frame. This leaves individual string holes that have pillars inside the frame. There are no holes drilled in these injection molded frames by Dunlop.
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