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Originally Posted by yonexRx32 View Post
They have been off the market for two decades. They felt different, which for some meant great. To my knowledge there was only one manufacturer. Their racquets still have many fanatics.

Is there a niche for a modern injection molded racket?

Please see the poll and check the boxes that apply to you.
Feel free to suggest options if you don't find the relevant one.

NB: The Prince Vortex was NOT injection molded, though it did incorporate thermoplastic components

NB2: I didn't realize that the poll allows only one entry per user. Please pick the most important feature and add a reply with the others, I'll tally the results.
If you can figure out away to get a IMF that is, 22mm wide beam width, and still being about 12oz strung without breaking you will hit a home run!!!!!!!
Djokovic Racquets specs: weight-358g balance-32cm SW-370 Flex 60RA
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