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Default Luxilon 4G Review

(note: searched and didn't see a thread)

Just put a full bed in for the 1st time and went out for a hit (ball machine). Been hearing good things about it from the stringers at my shop and guys I play with.

Youtek Prestige Mid; 54 libs; have been doing a hybrid RPM Blast/VS Touch for the last 8 months or so.

The first impression is how soft the string feels on groundies. Which for those of us who don't have 24 yr old shoulders is a good thing. Great control. And I felt like I was getting tons of spin; will verify that on the weekend when I hit with my friend who's used to what comes over.

Volleys felt like butter.

Maybe a little less powerful; going to verify this on the weekend too.

And makes a very nice 'pop' when you hit one hard and clean.
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