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Nice display for all those woods.
Most of the player photo decal rackets after the 1950s era were not used by the players for competition but rather made for amateurs and collectors. Some of the older player endorsed models like the Budge, Vines, and Tilden rackets were heavy duty logs made for the best. Wilson, Spalding, Bancroft, Donnay and Snauwaert all made many great recent tour quality player wood models.

As for "diamonds in the rough" YES there are lots of them, for instance Fila wood rackets.
Fila made many very high quality player rackets and they do not seem to get much respect now, maybe they get more in Europe ?
I have many including a bunch of NOS Fila woods and have a friend that was sponsored by Fila who also still has a bunch of them.
There are many other good hitting wood rackets that were not common names.

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