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Default Wilson NXT Tour?

Please forgive me if a thread like this is redundant, but I need some input.

My background: Male, age 55. Played competitively in high school in the mid-70's, and at that time was a pretty decent player. Didn't play much for nearly 30 years, just took the game back up last year. Had some fun with lessons and drills for 3.5s, I seemed to have a lot more game than others in the classes. So, I signed up for a 4.0 ladder and got my butt whipped pretty soundly in most matches, but had other matches with lots of close games.

I bought a couple Volkl Organix 10 325 racquets, I like them quite a bit. I am a fairly agressive player that will go to the net given half an opportunity, and the Volkls seem to play pretty well for me.

When I bought the racquets, the shop recommmended Dunlop Silk 17G string, so OK--what did I know? I thought it played OK, but I have been out of the game so long that I am not current about today's strings. I have read nothing but negative comments on this forum about Silk, and the sticks are going to need restringing fairly soon. My dilemma is that I don't know too much about the strings on the market. I would like a string that has good feel and power, durability is not a huge factor, although I don't want to restring after just a few hours of play. I am considering Wilson NXT Tour, but would appreciate some input from others on the forum.
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