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Originally Posted by ruerooo View Post

I was under the impression he was happy, training in Spain. I thought once he'd transferred his citizenship and started getting Canadian training support that he was feeling much better. (Plus his Tweets always seem cheery.)

I missed this whole thing.
of course you missed it ..... it's in my head! ..... As I wrote, "I get the impression that Raonic's coach is mean to him."

That's just my impression. Armchair psychology and all that. Just cuz someone acts happy doesn't mean they are. Maybe they are. Maybe theyre not. Sometimes they don't even know it themselves. Remember Marilyn Van Derbur? She acted happy enough to be chosen Miss America. If they had had twitter in her day, she would have been tweeting happy positivity too ... it's part of the franchise. I don't imagine that milos is being subjected to physical abuse, not at all. I just interpreted his coach's behavior as abusive. It was my interpretation of what I heard. If I had a child playing tennis, I would not allow that man to coach my child. that's all!

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