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K so ... been trying to figure out why Milos hasn't seemed to live up to his obvious potential .... first time i saw him he was 18 and almost beat fernando gonzalez in the canada masters ..... it was a blockbuster, really created a lot of stir ..... then, he wasn't heard from again for quite a while.

in 2012 milos' win/loss record was 46-21 ... i usually keep an eye on the players 6'5" tall and over cuz delpo's height is 6'6" and there's a debate whether that height is a detriment overall. in comparison with milos, delpo's record was 66-17 in 2012 ..... obviously, everybody defelops at a different rate, but milos is 22. delpo had already won a grand slam by that time.

guess I can't help wonder milos seems to be developmentally delayed in terms of tennis uber excellence.
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