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Thanks for continuing to post these updates Tennis5.

I've read several posts / blogs about the recent town hall meeting & the two items that don't seem to get much discussion (but are personal hot buttons for me) are:

- The only 2 Super Nats left on the schedule are 3 freaking weeks apart.....what about the other 11 months of the year? (lots of reasons that this is bullsh*t: birthday advantages for the Sept-Dec kid, a player gets hurt/sick in July & he's screwed for a year,... & the dumping of the ONLY L1..... the WinterNats..... that everyone is able to attend schoolwise & workwise. There's probably lots more reasons why dumping the other two Supernats is dumb idea.)

- And these god awful pathways for 2/3rds of the US. (the proposed Regional L3s & L4s). A kid in Tx can't drive 6 hours to Little Rock or Mobile for a L3 anymore....(or take a cheap flight to LA)..... we gotta fly to Minn or Cleveland. I'm thinking that the putz's who came up with the "regions" have never looked at a map or paid for a flight. Jeez.....let me decide what location is best for my kid & my family. (& fwiw, Texas kids would much rather have Florida/Penn & MD or SoCal kids coming here to compete than the # 2 from Iowa or the #2 from North Dakota or Indiana.)

Keep tilting at windmills tennis5. There are lots of us working stiff parents (of 3, 4 & 5 star kids) who are reading & who agree with most of what you post.

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