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Yea, it's weird, I have taught my son in reverse, good or bad I don't know.

I played all court, heavy on Serve and Volley, so I started him with flat shots, side spin lobs, and I almost can't handle it.

I'm trying to teach him baseline play, so I told him "Kill it as hard as you can with topspin, I don't care if you hit the net or it goes long", we are just training right? So I am 3 feet behind the baseline, killing it to him, and he just has these shots, it looks like he's killing it, then it just barely goes over the net with sidespin, or flat, to left, to right, like I said I pulled a muscle in the back of my calf getting a shot.

He's lazy though, he has great shots but is very lazy, can't teach hussle. I beat him 6-0 easy, but he got close at least once. So yea idiots of course I'm proud of my son, can you imagine some come on here, enlist fake names to criticize me because they are personally offended that I would brag about my son.

My son is 2.0 or whatever, he has talent, physical skills (Height, speed), but no heart. He wants to be Federer without the effort, drives me nuts, I'm a "Old man" and I move more than he does.

Anyways, enough rant, I LOVE talking about my son because I adore him, he just needs to get heart. Here's another thing amazing, when I serve I just put it over, but when I NAIL IT, he does better, only thing I can think is that he doesn't have time to think, I mean I have a MONSTER SERVE, and it just comes cruising back barely over the net.

Alright, enough.
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