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Originally Posted by MarinaHighTennis View Post
Hey Guys,

I'm a pretty skinny guy who can hit a solid ball and is very fast. However, I feel that I only win matches because I'm fast. I'm not a pusher as you guys have seen my videos but do noticeably have a lack of power/significant pace in my shots. If I did isometric band workouts, would it benefit me and allow me to hit heavy balls in order to dictate rallies?
depends on your Level. I would say till 4.0 there is so much room for technique improvement that a couple of pushups in the morning is all strength Training you Need.

later you can still gain a lot by improving technique but you start to get into the range where you are technically good enough to use your strength.

However the Girls will like it so start hitting the gym. but for your Tennis learning to rotate the lower Body ahead of the arm will do more for you.
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