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Default Looking for a warmup jacket

=== UPDATE ===
For some reason my original post was cut off when composing with Tapatalk iPhone app (sorry about that).
I've now added the rest of what I tried to write the fist time. Hopefully now it makes more sense.

Hey all.

This is my first winter in the US (and my first 30 degree winter possibly ever!) so I'm after some recommendation for a lightweight jacket to wear during warmup and/or play.

I quite like the jacket Federer was wearing after his match with Tomic, but at $130 it's a bit steep. In saying that I really like the zip front, zip pockets, and high collar (for when I ride my bike to the courts), so I'd be willing to pay the steep price for these features unless you have another suggestion which fits the bill. The plainer the better; not a big fan of logos and prints, which attracted me to Fed's jacket in the first place.

Thanks for any help!
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